Winners' Medal & Prizes

Everyone stands the chance of winning a brand new Nissan Micra vehicle and other amazing prizes in the 2019 Millennium Marathon race. All you need to do is register for the race and you could be a winner. 

Prizes for race Winners:

21k Marathon race[Men & Women]: 1st Prize[GHs10,000.00], 2nd Prize[5,000.00], 

3rd Prize[2,500.00]. The first 750 runners will receive medals after crossing the line. 

5k race winners prizes[men & women]; 1st Prize[GHs3,000.00], 2nd Prize[2,000.00], 

3rd Prize[1,000.00]. The first 2250 runners will receive medals after crossing the line.

4th - 10th for both races will be given consolation prizes. 

There will be a raffle after the race to win a car[Nissan Micra, 2019]. You just have to register, Walk, Jog or Run and be present you can stand the chance of winning the car. Anyone can win. 


The first 20 of each race will be given a medal to appreciate their efforts and encourage participation for the next marathon. 

The raffle winner of the car will use the car for 1 year and return it to the organizers. If the winner wishes to keep the car, he would have to pay 50% of the car's value a year from now.

2018 Winners:

Millennium Marathon 2019. Terms and Conditions