Why you should start running

Running is a popular sport enjoyed by many people. It is an effective exercise that cost’s you nothing and gives you everything.  New runners can take it slow and increase their distance and speed once they adjust to the new challenge and develop stamina. You can start with running for one minute and walking for 4. Repeating this process for 30 minutes is a good workout for beginners. Slowly adjust your run time till you are able to run completely without stopping. Evntually ou can pace yourself and improve on the finish time. For people who wish to particiate in a race or a marathon, a pedometere will always come in handy to rcord your performace. You can get one at your local sports shop.

People have varied reasons why they run. Some run  to lose weight , improve fitness and health , compete in  a race or try a new workout. Whatever the reason, there are many physical, mental and emotional benefits to running. The number one benefit of running is;

To Improve your health

Running strengthens the heart and ensures efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body and decreases your risk of heart attack. Running can help keep high cholesterol in check. Running also boosts your immune system so your body functions are more efficient. Another benefit of running is it helps you stay in shape. As one of the most intensive exercises it is an efficient way to burn calories. So if you  have has a stressful day at work or you need enery to start your day, just put on your running shoes and see what difference 30minutes of running makes.